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To qualify for a 2 hour move the rent amount must be a minimum of $1000 a month. Anything after the 2 hour move the client will be responsible for.

The property must be paying us at least a 50% commission

You must have found the rental through 1 Source Apartment Locators.

You must not have officially visited the rental property before registering with us.

You must have signed a 12-month or longer lease from a rental property in our database.

You must not have lived at the complex before.

1 Source Apartment Locators must be listed on the lease, application, lease agreement and guest card.

You must not be transferring within the same complex or transferring to a sister property.

You must not break your lease or jeopardize your lease with bad conduct.


We are not responsible for packing.

All items must be removed from furniture.

We are not responsible for electrical damage from connecting or disconnecting appliances.

We are not responsible for damages to items within boxes.

We are not responsible for damages to furniture.

Breakable objects must be removed from furniture prior to the move.

We are not held liable for any damages or losses that may occur during your move.

We reserve the right to refuse to move any items we feel we cannot move safely.

You are responsible for getting excess property insurance to safeguard your property during your move.

Client will be charged for move costs if property declines payment of our referral commission or client moves to a different property.

Client assumes all responsibility.

Move is subject to consent of the party the license holder represents.