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1.     List "1 Source Apartment Locators" as the referral source on their guest card and application for the property where you have signed a new lease.

2.     If you have lived in the same complex before, you cannot qualify.

3.     Report your new lease to us within 30 days by using our form.

4.     Live at the property and fulfill the terms of your lease.

5.     Report Leases within 30 days of your move-in date or prior to your move-in date.

6.     Referrals to 1 Source Apartment Locators from a 3rd Party, including friends, family or employees of apartment complexes do not qualify for the lease incentive.

7.     Current residents and former residents of the apartment or sister property do not qualify.

8.     The property must be paying us at least 50% commission. Your rental rate will be based on the effective average rent after specials. 

9.     You must be signing a new 12 month lease term.




1 Source will match incentives from competitors in Dallas - Fort Worth if presented in writing. 

If the property fails to compensate 1 Source Apartment Locators for the referral, 1 Source is not obligated to pay an incentive to the renter. The renter must come back to before the renter moves in and submit all required information. We provide $50.00-$150.00 in DINING CERTIFICATES redeemed at OR up to a $300.00 CASH REBATE CHECK. To qualify for a $50.00 dining dough certificate, the apartment rent amount must be a minimum of $750.00 a month. To qualify for a $150 certificate or $100.00 rebate, the rent amount must be a minimum of $1200 a month. To qualify for a rebate of $200, the rent amount must be a minimum of $1800.  To qualify for a $300 rebate, the rent must be a minimum of $2100. Should all terms and usage be followed with this website, then the rebate will be awarded. If any portion of these rules are compromised, the incentive will be void. 1 Source Apartment Locators reserves the right to modify all incentives, policies, disclaimers, at any time without notice. Rebate is subject to consent of the party the license holder represents. Lease incentives will be honored if the renter has met all terms and disclaimers.